Civil Training in Chandigarh

civil training in chandigarh
 Caddprimer india is providing After the fulfillment on this program candidate will get the certification from Cadd Primer .

This program is Career focused training program after the end of this program , Civil engineer will start their profession as a Civil Project Engineer , Civil Structural Engineer or Structural Design Engineer . The 100% Job Assistance is provided to you by Cadd Primer.This Training course is first-time established in Chandigarh & based on dual Technology .

Modules Provided by Cadd-Primer In 6 Week Industrial Training programs:-


1.Staadpro:-STAAD PRO  is a general purpose structural analysis and design program with application primarily in the building industry-commercial building,bridges and highway structures,industrial,chemical plant structures,dams,retaining walls and other embedded structures.


Syllabus Staad Pro :-


  • Overview of Structural Analysis and Design
  • Calculating Shear Force and Bending Moment values for various supports and load types
  • Introduction
  • Co-ordinate Systems, Global Vs Local,
  • Creating a New Project in STAAD.Pro,
  •  Model Generation, Creating Nodes & Members
  • Model Editing Tools, Translational Repeat, Circular Repeat, Move, Mirror, Rotate, Insert Node  For a Single Member  For Multiple Members,
  • Add Beam
    • Point to Point,
    • Between Midpoints,  

      Civil Training Chandigarh civil training chandigarh Civil Training in Chandigarh staad
      Civil Training Chandigarh

    • Perpendicular Intersection,
    • Curved Member.
  • Specification
    • Support Specification
    • Member Property Specification
    • Material Specification


  • Loading
    • Nodal Load
    • Member Load
    • Uniform Force and Moment
    • Concentrated Force and Moment
    • Linear Varying Load
    • Trapezoidal Load
    • Hydrostatic Load
    • Pre/Post Stress
    • Area Load
    • Floor Load
  • Introduction to Analysis
    • Perform Analysis
    • Overview of Output Page
    • Pre-analysis Print
    • Post-analysis Print
    • Inactive or Delete Specification
    • General Guidelines for Design
    • Concrete Design in STAAD.Pro ,Column Design,Beam Design
  • Seismology
    • Introduction
    • Terminologies
    • Standards for Earthquake Design
    • General Principals for Earthquake Design
    • Finding the Lateral Force (manual calculation)
    • Finding the Lateral Force by using STAAD.Pro
    • Dynamic Analysis
    • Response Spectrum Analysis
  • Importing CAD Models
  • Report Setup
  • Plotting from STAAD.Pro
  • Final Project
  • STAAD.Beava


AutoCAD is a very important Cad Software Developed by Autodesk   and intended for designing and drafting in two and three dimensions. all Engineering Professions  communicates with a common language calledEngineering Drawings. The technique of  engineering drawings is  called DRAFTING. AutoCAD is used as a  standard for Drafting Engineering Drawing Worldwide.


Syllabus AutoCAD :-

Civil Training Chandigarh civil training chandigarh Civil Training in Chandigarh AutoCad 2015
Civil Training Chandigarh
  • Introduction of AutoCAD
  • How to start AutoCAD
  • Installation of AutoCAD
  • Basic starting steps of AutoCAD
    • Units set
    • Limits set
    • Zoom out/Zoom in
    • Introduction of Templates
    • Cross Hair / Pick point setting
  • Draw Toolbar
    • Line
    • Rectangle
    • Circle
    • Arc
    • Construction
    • Polygon
  • Modify Toolbar
    • Copy
    • Move
    • Mirror
    • Offset
    • Fillet
    • Scale
    • Break
    • Join
    • Explode
    • Array
  • Layers and Layer Property Manager
  • Advance OPTION Settings
  • Dimensional Style Manager
  • Drafting setting
  • Multitext and Multiline
  • Leader and Multileader
  • Hatch/Gradient
  • External and Internal Block
  • Isometric section
  • 3D AutoCAD
  • Plotting and PDF conversion

3.Google Sketch Up:-

Sketch Up, marketed officially as Trimble Sketch Up, is a 3D modeling program for a broad range of applications such as architectural, civil, mechanical design

Syllabus Google SketchUp :

  • Introduction to Sketch Up – The fundamental tools.
  • Lines, Rectangles, and Circles
  • Move, Rotate and Offset
  • Push, Pull and Follow Me
  • Understanding How Sketch Up Works – Groups and Components
  • Groups vs. Components
  • Creating and editing Groups

    Civil Training Chandigarh civil training chandigarh Civil Training in Chandigarh NOVO Logo SketchUp PRo
    Civil Training Chandigarh

  • Creating and editing components
  • Textures and Materials
  • applying colors and materials
  • creating materials
  • exporting images
  • Sandbox Tools
  • Creating landscaping
  • Importing trees
  • Importing CAD files and Real World Modeling Assignment
  • Good layer management
  • Cleaning up CAD files
  • Turning 2-D into 3-D
  • Real World Modeling Assignment
  • Presentations of Modeling Assignment
Civil Training in Chandigarh
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