Today, engineers are more disturbed by their career agenda and future of that choice. This haunting thought can be overcome by one and only fact that students and graduates must focus more on  Mechanical Engineering Training. Because the Mechanical Engineering Training can be helpful for them to find out their hidden talent and potential. with the knowledge of their area of interest students can be more focused for their upcoming future.

In  Mechanical Engineering Training, engineering graduates must have to focus on the aspect which are necessary for their career objective and their area of interest in the engineering field.

Mechanical students can undergo training in Production, management, quality, inspection ,safety etc. their one more fast growing sector in which they can pursue their future i.e    CAD/CAM/CAE.

In Mechanical Engineering Training this field can be approached by undergoing training in cad software which are highly used in industry.

some of the software which are highly used and taught by us in Mechanical Engineering Training:

AutoCAD: AutoCAD is a drafting or design geometry oriented modelling software tool. the software developed by Auto desk in 1982, currently 29th version of AutoCAD is out in market.The software is frequently used for 2D drafting of the product . sometimes used for the 3D design mainly in civil structures.For more knowledge click here.

CATIAv5: CATIAv5( katia) is a feature oriented software tool with multi-platform CAD/CAM/CAE commercial software package developed by the  dassault systems .  CATIA is the milestone of the dassault systems software package.CATIA provides the unique capability not only to design any product  in the context of its real behavior.For more knowledge click here

CREO Parametric : CREO Parametric is a  feature oriented design software tool for parametric modeling . Creo Parametric provides all the abilities of Creo Elements (also known as ProE).PTC began introducing creo software packages in 2009.

solidworks:  solidworks show in market in 1995 and it is a feature oriented software tool uses  parametric approach to create  component and products. Parameters refer to conditions whose magnitude decides the shape or geometry of the component  or product. Parameters can be either numeric values, such as lengths , diameters, or geometric parameters, such as tangency, parallelism, concentricity, horizontal or vertical, etc.


Mechanical Engineering Training
Mechanical Engineering Training

Mechanical Engineering TrainingMechanical Engineering TrainingMechanical Engineering Training





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