A device can only be called a “Robot” if it contains a movable mechanism, influenced by sensing, planning, actuation and control components whose motion behaviour can be influenced by “programming”.

robots  Robotics robots


  • Introduction to Robotics and also goal of Robotics create
  • General area of Robotic .
  • Presentation to several types of stepper motors used in robotics ,their working as well as driver circuit developing .
  • Introduction To various kinds of DC motors used in robotics  ,their functioning and also driver circuit designing.
  • Introduction to infrared sensing unit ,ultrasound sensing unit  ,light sensors and also their practical application  in robotics   design .
  • Selection of Microcontroller as control device of ROBOT .
  • Design and development of (LFR)  Line Follower robot configuration.
  • Design and development of Path Finder robot in several configuration.
  • Design and development of Robotic ARM in different configuration.


OrCad Design Environment

  • Capture CIS Schmatic Design
  • Layout Designing Introduction
  • Tina pro Simulation

Analog Electronics

  • Adjustable Linear Power Supply Design.
  • Using Mosfets,Transistors Daelington Pair in System Designing .
  • Analog Electronics realated to Sensors Used in Robotics and Line Following Rovers.
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